Thomas Hobbes And The Social Contract Theory

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The United States Constitution established America 's national government and fundamental laws and guaranteed certain basic rights for its citizens it was signed on September 17th 1787 by delegates to the Constitution convention in Philadelphia presided over by George Washington. Although other countries have changed their Constitution over years the United States Constitution has been kept the same. The Leviathan, Two Treatises, and the Declaration of Independence serve as underpinnings of the Constitution to keep and protect our freedoms. Thomas Hobbes wrote the Leviathan in the early 1640 's. Hobbes Leviathan played a part of social contract theory. The social contract theory is a voluntary agreement among individuals that which organized society is brought it into being and invested with the right to secure a mutual protection and welfare to regulate the relations among its members. " From this fundamental laws of nature by which men are commanded to devour peace is derived this second love that man be willing when others are so too as far as forecast for peace and defense of himself he shall think it 's necessary to lay down the right to all things and be contented with so much of Liberty against other men as he would draw other men against himself. For as long as every man holdeth this right of doing anything liketh so long are all men in the condition of war. But if other men will not lay down their rights as well as the there is no reason for anyone to
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