Thomas Hobbes And The State Of Nature

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Zulma Galdamez,
Megan Martenyi
October 27 2016

For many philosophers the notion of the State of Nature, a concept used to describe the hypothetical conditions of human life before the development of societies, is important in determining political societies, or the governmental structures that composed these. However, many philosophers have different notions of the State of Nature. In this essay I am going to use the writings of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jean-Jacque Rousseau to explain how their notions of the State of Nature shape the way they envision political society. These philosophers have different notions of the State of Nature but they all agree that the State of Nature is
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In this contract, men voluntarily surrender all their rights and freedoms to one person. Hobbes calls this transference of rights to one individual the “Commonwealth.” However, Hobbes argues that some rights, such as; the right to defend oneself when being attacked or against death cannot be discarded. The contract creates the sovereign, who is the absolute leader. Subjects have no rights against the sovereign and they must assume full responsibility of the actions taken by him. Hobbes argues that in order to make the agreementcovenant constant and lasting men need “ have fear of punishment in order to perform their covenants.” Hobbes argues that this fear must be the fear of death or of the consequences that breaking the contract might bring.
Hence, it can be assumed that, Hobbes is a supporter of absolutism. Hobbes argues that if men could follow and obey reason, or Natural Law, they would have done so and government would have no reason to exist. However, since Hobbes believes the sState of nNature to be brutish, insecure, and inhabited by selfish people, he argues that there needs to be a ‘common power’ to keep themmen all in order. Hobbes does not believes that a parliament government to be the right government does not work because allowing citizens to vote would interfere with the Commonwealth, since would never work, sincetheir people 's interests would interfere with the Commonwealth prevent them
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