Thomas Jefferson And His Achievements And Political Decisions

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Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson, one of the most well-known presidents in American history, was the third president of the United States, and was known as one of the Founding Fathers, for he is one of the principle authors of the famous Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson is an important factor of the development of the United States. This leading figured has influenced the prosperity of the America’s with his achievements and political decisions, regarding the United States Joseph John Ellis (1943- ) is an American historian, professor, and writer. He graduated from Yale University in 1969. Joseph J. Ellis’ work mainly focuses on the time period 1770 to 1820, and the lives of the Founding Fathers. He wrote a biography where he discusses in detail about Thomas Jefferson’s early life, presidency, and after presidency life. In the biography, Ellis’ talks about Thomas Jefferson being born on April 13, 1743, and growing up to graduate from the College of William and Mary in 1762. There Thomas Jefferson studied and majored in law. The author describes Thomas Jefferson as an obsessive, quiet student, for he spent many hours studying and practicing violin. In 1776 Thomas Jefferson began working on the Declaration of Independence. According to Ellis, in it he states simple, easily understandable, and clear terms of the political basis for the United States. He explains why the colonists were breaking free from the Mother Country, Britain. On July 3-4, Congress reviewed…
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