Thomas Jefferson And His Influence On American History

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There are many great men in American history, whose influences impacted our early society so much that they are credited with the title of a founding father. One of whom, had much direct impact on our early American societies. Thomas Jefferson, an early American founding father, is credited to have had much influence on what shaped our early American society, and what would go on to eventually become the bases of our modern American way of life. “Jefferson is best known as the leading "classical liberal" in American history. As the author of the Declaration of Independence, he outlined the political principles that launched the new nation.” (James "Thomas Jefferson, Life Centered Philosophy") Thomas Jefferson was not only a founder of America; he was a great American philosopher. The philosophies which he created at this time are still in some form of practice even to this day.
II. Historically Thomas Jefferson is best remembered for his dedication to early America. “As public official, historian, philosopher, and plantation owner, he served his country for over five decades.” (Community "Thomas Jefferson, A Brief Biography”) Thomas Jefferson was not only a founding father; he was the third president of the United States, a member of congress and Governor of Virginia, and as the first secretary of defense for the United States. “The Presidency of Thomas Jefferson of the United States, from March 4, 1801 to March 4, 1809, carried out what Jefferson called the "Revolution…
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