Thomas Jefferson And The Declaration Of Independence

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Thomas Jefferson was a man who was born on April 13, 1743, he the third president of United States, author of the Declaration of Independence, a lawyer gentlemen farmer, he also was the father of the University of Virginia. Jefferson’s influences on government was to end federal government, to allow the Sedition and Alien Act to put an end to it, to end the taxes, and after ending taxes to release prisoners held by this act. Thomas brought a studied informality to the presidency. He used revenues from tariffs and land sales to reduce the national debt. Thomas Jefferson was a man who always looked in the future. Which made him a visionary leader. He put his own way of thinking into Democratic government. To making his creation of a Democratic government was what he did to Economics, Politics, and social. Jefferson was a man who did many things. With all of Jefferson’s contributions he made many achievements. He created The Declaration of Independence, wrote the Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom, he participated in the founding of the Library of Congress, he also founded the University of Virginia. Thomas Jefferson had sixty-five hundred books which he sold to the government. He had a belief in the necessity of ending slavery, and the necessity of abolition was intertwined with his racial belief. Jefferson thought that American slaves’ deporting to Africa or West Indies was a consequence of emancipation (Thomas Jefferson and Slavery). Jefferson was an inventor he
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