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1. Thomas Jefferson admired, respected, and praised the Indians for their intellects (Hollitz, 124). However, he also saw them in political terms as enemies in war or partners in peace. Jefferson’s extensive public career allowed him to form the relations between the United States and various Indian nations in the eighteenth centuries. Jefferson notice that the Indians still were not introduced or developed their own written language (Hollitz, 124). As a man of the Enlightenment, he knew that the Indian way of life could no longer exist in the expansion of United States. Jefferson’s attitude toward the Indian population of the United States always seemed as greatly ironic as his attitude toward slavery. On several occasions…show more content…
Jefferson also told his agents never to force Indians to sell lands. The lands were theirs as long as they wished, but he hoped to speed up the process. Jefferson suggested that if the various Indian nations could be encouraged to purchase goods on credit, they would likely fall into debt, which they could lessen the debt through the sale of lands to the government (Hollitz 126). Jefferson created strategic plans to further white interests. Thomas Jefferson was one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence. He was a well-known slave-holder who declared his passion that Negroes were an inferior race to whites and yet, ironically, was honest in his belief that slavery was immoral and should be abolished. Jefferson admired Blacks for their work ethics, spirits, bravery, and adventurous sense (Holliz, 124). He also appreciated their gifts in music and their “capability of imagining a small catch” (Hollitz, 125). However, Jefferson questioned Black colonization when he wrote a letter to James Monroe, shortly after a slave rebellion (Hollitz, 130). He expressed uncertainty of his decisions to allow black colonization to grow as part of the nation and the black establishing a colony as citizen (Hollitz, 131). Jefferson knew that all men were created equal and struggled constantly with his principles over his own slaves. Thomas Jefferson refused to publically support

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