Thomas Jefferson Was A Great Defender Of African Americans

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Thomas Jefferson was a great defender of African Americans. He stood up for their rights and defended them against the abuses of others. Though a slave owner himself, Jefferson treated his slaves with kindness and compassion and fought for a better system for them to live in. He wanted Black children to be free, educated, and off in a new society from the White societies help. Jefferson pushed to end slavery. Jefferson wanted to create a system where Black children were free. He knew that people in that day and age would never free their slaves that they had without resulting in a war. By keeping the children free he would be able to get more people on board with the project to free slaves in the long run. Jefferson wanted to create an education system for the Black children that he was releasing from slavery. He wanted children to grow up with their parents till they were twelve and then have the children be taken over by the states to be educated. Boys would receive education until they were twenty-one years of age and girls would receive education until they were eighteen. (1.B) This would help their children have a well enough education to start their own civilization of afar. Jefferson did want to send the released children off to another area to live that was apart from the White people. He did not do this because he was racists, rather he did this to prevent White and Black history from hurting either from discrimination. The Whites race could have been attacked by…
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