Thomas Jefferson Was The Second President Of The United States Of America

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Thomas Jefferson was the third president of The United States of America and one of the most influential founding fathers in American history. Thomas was born in Shadwell in Albemarle County, Virginia in 1743. His father Peter Jefferson was a well respected planter in Virginia. Not much is said about Jefferson 's early life due to the Shadwell fire. The Shadwell fire destroyed many of Jefferson 's person recollections in 1770 leaving much of his early history and his development into an American leader a mystery. But during Jefferson 's college years, Jefferson attended the College of William and Mary in 1760. Jefferson was a quiet and reserved man with a passion for education. During college, according to his classmates, he would spend hours on end with his books and was always serious. He graduated in 1762 and studied law in Williamsburg with George Wythe, the first American law professor, and stayed there for five years. After his five year internship Jefferson continued to practice law by representing small scale planters. Through this, he gained an impressive reputation around Williamsburg. In May 1769, Jefferson took a seat in the House of Burgesses, the lower house of colonial Virginia legislature, and was the protege of Peyton Randolph and Edmund Pendleton both Tidewater grandees. In 1772 he married he married Martha Skelton. During these years Jefferson created an image for himself and grew into his political identity. For example, Jefferson was a shy man

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