Thomas Jefferson 's Dilemma On The Louisiana Purchase

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Thomas Jefferson’s Dilemma on the Louisiana Purchase
In our day, we consider the boarders of the United States impenetrable and inevitable. We tend to forget that the nation started off as a little country which consisted of 13 states, occupying the Atlantic Seaboard, which is only is small portion of what it is now. The county before the 1803 depended on its resources for agriculture, mining and logging. The need for more land for expansion was inevitable and crucial. There were several stages to expansion during those days but the most important was the 1803 Louisiana Purchase by the then president, Thomas Jefferson. This acquisition doubled the size of the country all the way to the western side of the Mississippi River.
Thomas Jefferson is one of the biggest names in the history of The United States of America. Jefferson became president of the country in 1800 as a republican. Nonetheless, in 1803 he was faced with a great dilemma. Jefferson’s presidential campaign was done under the theme of limited presidential power. He declared that the federal government should not take on any form of power except if it is granted to them by the constitution. Presidents were not given the power to buy or claim lands except it was enacted by constitution. This policy was generated by Jefferson himself. The decision to purchase this land and all the circumstances behind it led to Jefferson’s dilemma. This is because he…

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