Thomas Jefferson's Letter To Her Sister

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While sitting on the bed facing her older sister, Madison made a face intended to show her sister she was serious about her complaint. “All the other kids say she puts his hands on them and this one girl had to leave go live with her grandparents because of it. They are not blind and neither am I, Morgan. If they can see it and I can see it, why can’t you.” “I’m not sure that because he seems interested in looking means he will touch, and moreover I hate to see you worrying yourself sick about problems we don’t even have yet.” Since there was no real reason for her sister to be so focused on picking at a piece of fluff on the bedspread, Madison took that mean it was an excuse for not making eye contact with her. Madison knew it was because her sister didn’t even believe the things she was saying in defense of the horrible man.…show more content…
It was an unpleasant reoccurring problem associated with excessive worrying over the years. Folding her arms protectively over her stomach, Madison tried without success to quell the sick feeling churning in the pit of her stomach. “I don’t like the way he looks at me. His fat fingers are like ten plump little sausage links that totally creep me out.” Morgan rolled her eyes as she stood and began straightening the bed. “I can’t see that Donald is any more or less creepy than any other foster father we’ve had. Furthermore, he has no control over what his hands look like.” “Just because you’re a few years older, you always think you know better than me. I’m telling you, he’s not right.” “I’m three years older and I do know better. You think that just because you’re turning eleven, you have the wisdom of the ages locked inside.” Shaking her head, she felt her thin blonde hair move back and forth over her delicate shoulders. “I feel smarter and I’m not wrong about
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