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Thomas Keller Research Paper April 14, 2011 Thomas Keller is a highly acclaimed, wildly successful chef based in Yountville, California but operating throughout the United States. He is a self-made success in the culinary industry whose tenacious pursuit of excellence and unwillingness to compromise has brought him from humble origins to the top tier of American chefs and restaurateurs. He was born on October 14th, 1955 to a military family in Oceanside, CA at Camp Pendleton. Although born in California, it was during his teenage years in Palm Beach, Florida where he first became interested in cooking and got his start in the kitchen. During the summertime, he would…show more content…
If one were only to measure the success of Chef Keller by his restaurants, he would be highly regarded both for his talent in the kitchen as well as his skill as a leader. Notwithstanding his success in the business world and how busy it has kept him, he has nonetheless added even more to his list of achievements as the years have gone by and his success and influence have grown. He has authored award winning cookbooks such as The French Laundry Cookbook wherein he reveals the secrets to the food that gained him his success as well as The Bouchon Cookbook which he wrote alongside Bouchon Chef Jeffrey Cerciello. More popularly, he acted as a consultant on the films “Spanglish” and “Ratatouille”. His restaurants have won several accolades including top Michelin and Mobil ratings over the years. However, Chef Keller has been recognized individually as well. In 2001, he was recognized by Time magazine as the “Best Chef in America”. In 2003, Johnson & Wales University awarded him an honorary Degree of Doctor of Culinary Arts for his contributions to the field. He has had consecutive “Best Chef”

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