Thomas Nagel And Frank Jackson Do Not

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Mind and body are believed to be either one or two separated entities, depending on which philosopher you would ask. The belief that the mind and body are one entity is defined as monism. Physicalism is a monism. Those that believe in the idea of physicalism also believe that mind and body are not separate substances. Physicalism claims that the mind is something that is physical. It also claims that the mind is reduced to or identified with behavior. According to the website, philosophy basics, “those that believe in physicalism believe that everything that exists is no more extensive than its physical properties and that the only existing substances is physical.” Both have valid arguments to prove their theories, which keep philosophers divided in between the two. Philosophers Thomas Nagel and Frank Jackson do not. Both philosophers have found problems with physicalism that seem to make the theory less sound. However, functionlists who are physicalists can argue back in objection to Nagel’s proposal to make the physicalists approach more sound. Thomas Nagel believes that physicalism has a problem because it does not account for consciousness. He uses the concept of “what it is like” to show how the idea of physicalism has a problem. To show that the world is not completely physical he questions what it is like for a bat to be a bat. One can know all of the physical facts and studied everything there is to know about a bat from anatomy to its physical appearance but one

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