Thomas Paine : A Man Of Great Faith Ideals

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Thomas Paine was a man of great faith ideals. His faith was similar and different in many ways to that of the Puritans. The Puritans were known for their faith in god, and for their strict morals and religious rules on how we should act and live. The two differ in that Paine does not believe in any certain religion and Puritanism pertains to Christianity; However Paine and Puritanism are alike in terms of their beliefs and morals. Thomas Paine differs from the Puritans in that he does not actually believe in any certain creed belonging to any specific religion. Instead, Paine believes that in a way his head is his church, and every man should strive to be faithful to himself; also that infidelity is in actually claiming to believe in something that one does not necessarily believe themselves (Paine 654.) Whereas the Puritans believe directly in the father of Jesus Christ as god, and believe his worship should be participated in a church. John Edwards states, “Unconverted men walk over the pit of hell on a rotten covering.” (Edwards 433.) By this, Edwards says that if a man has not confessed his belief in Jesus Christ as his savior, and devoted his life to him that he will be damned to Hell for all eternity; however, if they confess their belief in Jesus and abide by his laws, the shall enter Heaven in the afterlife. This is not entirely like what Thomas Paine believes in. Paine states that, “I believe that religious duties consist of doing justice, loving mercy, and
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