Thomas Paine And The American Revolution

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Marina Morrison
HIS 211-02
October 1, 2015
To Understand Thomas Paine’s Ideas, All it Takes is Common Sense
Out of all of the leading figures of the American Revolution, Thomas Paine stood apart from the rest. To say the least, Paine transformed a small colonial town into what is known as the American Revolution. The book, Common Sense reveals much about Thomas Paine’s ideas and efforts of independence from Britain. The arguments he proposed and ideas he shared demonstrate the passion he attains. Paine firmly believes having a King and Queen is wrong. He also expresses his opinions of having the British help the colonies for the sake of their own benefit. Finally, Thomas Paine is a man who utilizes his common sense, appealing to his audience on a direct level. Thesis: 2 sentences
How effective is Paine’s case in favor of independence from Great Britain?
Effective, and heres why: The writing of Common Sense was a stepping stone to declare independence. There were various taxes placed upon the colonies as well as events which persuaded the colonies to certainly declare their independence. The Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre, Lexington and Concord, the stamp tax and tea tax just to name a few. These events and tariffs placed exemplify the strains placed upon the colonies from Britain. The events not only led to tension between Great Britain and the colonies, but it left the colonies unsure of what to do and if they were actually going to declare themselves. Thomas Paine
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