Thomas Paine 's Common Sense Essay

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In 1776, many colonists had very different viewpoints on whether or not the colonies should, in fact, disassociate themselves from Great Britain to become their own independent nation. The Pamphlet, Common Sense, written by philosopher Thomas Paine in 1776, provided the insight that would soon play out to be a major role in the beginning of the American Revolution. Thomas Paine helped many of the colonists envision a future of control, unity, and self-reliance. He portrayed the colonists to be victims of Great Britain, the land in which most of the original colonists settled away from, and encouraged them to begin the war in which they would fight for their liberty. Common Sense caught on so swiftly that almost everyone who could read at the time already had, and even those that could not read began visiting specific gatherings so that the pamphlet could be read to them. The main focus of Thomas Paine’s pamphlet was to not only educate the common people of the affairs occurring between Great Britain and the colonies, but also to briefly elaborate the vital situation that most had been oblivious to. The colonies had to withdraw from under Great Britain 's monarchy.
The American Revolution was an imperative and relatively unavoidable move to solidify the foreseen history of the colonists who had settled on the North American continent. The United States of America would not be the grand country it is today without this extraordinary circumstance. Even now, over 200 years
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