Thomas Paine 's Common Sense

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Thomas Paine’s pamphlet Common Sense questions the King’s priorities and why American colonists would stay with him, which gave the American colonists the confidence in themselves to separate from the British. In Thomas Paine’s first page of his pamphlet Common Sense, Paine says “As a long and violent abuse of power.” Now for years the colonists had believed the King had bad advisers and that basically everyone in Britain but the King was the problem. Paine goes on to state “The remains of Monarchical tyranny in the person of the King.” He claims that the King is a tyrant and standing in the way between colonists and freedom. Thomas Paine sees what most American colonists are blinded by other theories or just choose not to see that the King is egotistical and seeks power only for himself. Once, Thomas releases Common Sense for the world to see, he publicly exposes the King for who he truly is. Thomas Paine exposing the King as a tyrant and showing the American colonists it is better to separate with Britain than to be with them. Thomas proceeds to say “The crown itself is a temptation.” Telling the American colonists that this will not just stop with this King to end this suffering they must separate from the British. Paine makes a point proclaiming “America is only a second object in the system of the British politics” meaning America will not have the same rights as Britain would; it being the home country would have the upper-hand such as the start of an empire. An

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