Thomas Robinson was an American Artist of the Popular Piece, Noonday Rest

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I. Description
Thomas Robinson was an American artist between 1834 and 1888.
Noonday Rest is one of his more popular works. It is an oil painting on canvas, with dimensions of 24”x36”. Noonday Rest is in the collection of Worcester Art Museum, Phoenix Art Museum, Bowdin College, and Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
Noonday Rest is a painting of the outdoors. The setting of the painting is on a small dirt road in the mountains. There are trees along the sides of the dirt road with mountains in the distance. The sky is blue with the sun casting down onto the road. In the middle of the dirt road are two horses pulling wooden wagons, filled with hay. There are two men in the painting taking a rest on the side of the dirt road. One of the men is sitting under a tree in the shade, while the other is lying on the edge of the road in front of him.

II. Analysis
The artist used an array of colors in the painting to portray his idea. He used different values of colors to show the objects that are getting direct sunlight and those that are shaded. The trees that are in the sunlight have a lighter value of brown on their trunks and a lighter value of green on their leaves, while the trees that are in the shade have darker brown trunks and darker green leaves. The dirt road is a tan color with spots of darker brown to show where the shade lies from the trees. You can tell that the horses and wagons are in the sun because they have a lighter value of color and the artist used a darker…
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