Thomas Swann Woodcock

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Ricardo S. Hernandez
Professor Wildoner
History 104-61
31 October 2012
The Ship Has Sailed
As Americans living in the United States, we don 't often get to see or experience what others think of us in other parts of the world. Most can only speculate and wonder. Thomas Swann Woodcock came to the United States in 1830 from England. In his writings, he left us a short passage in his life through the Erie Canal. These writings left us his opinions of what he was seeing in the U.S. as an outsider trying to understand a new land. He couldn 't find his own words to quote what he had seen, so he quoted someone else to say that what he saw was “indescribable.” Thomas Woodcock saw an incredible country that had accomplished great scientific and
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This would be great for farmers to grow new crops. Also, this brought about large grasslands for cattle herders. But what about the people that were displaced in this situation? Did they not have a say in it? He does not describe abandoned dwellings as those of people that would have benefited from having their land razed. The people who originally had their pieces of land along the construction route, must have felt quite a bit “Indian” at the moment. Who else would come in, take your land away, and relocate you for their benefit? The wonderful United States of America would be the answer to that question.
Actually, to blame the entire U.S. as a whole would be completely unfair. The entire Erie Canal project brought great prosper to many areas in the United States that helped the nation as a whole prosper. Mr. Woodcock goes on to describe the immense economic advancement that astonishes him. Towns, hotels, and accommodations were being built in short time, all over the route. But, he describes these people involved in this creation as “mad” by selling promises that didn 't even exist at the time. Sheer confidence in the prosperity of the area is what made it grow. Where there was no money, or actual income – where it needed to be – there was a grand system in place that comes down to the core of what American Society has founded itself upon and survives until this day, “Credit.”
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