Thomas Wolsey's fall from power Essay example

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The most important reason for Wolsey’s fall from power was his failure to obtain a divorce. How far do you agree? Wolsey was a cardinal and statesman, Henry’s lord chancellor and most faithful servant, whom he was most reliant upon. From 1515 to 1529 Wolsey’s rule was undisputed. Henry VIII delegated more and more state business to him, including near complete control of England’s foreign policy. Wolsey’s finest hour was arranging the Field of Cloth of Gold. Wolsey used his wealth to indulge his passion for building, his grand style of living made him increasingly unpopular. Wolsey’s failure to arrange an annulment for Henry was quickly followed by his downfall. In this essay I will look how far this was the main reason for his collapse…show more content…
Catherine was not willing to let go easily as this meant her child Mary could be made illegitimate, she was also a strong Catholic and believed that she was supposed to be Queen of England. She refused to go to a convent and refused to go to the hearing in London, which is why she appealed in Rome, this gave her a stronger chance to win her case. Another strong reason was the fact that Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor and Catharine’ s nephew was holding the Pope hostage and had him under house arrest. Charles V had invaded Italy and therefore the Pope was in no position to agree a divorce (considering the family connections). In normal circumstances he may have gotten the divorce. When the final failure of Wolsey’s efforts to secure the divorce became apparent the king turned on his once faithful and most trusted servant. Henry felt let down and Wolsey was no longer useful. In addition Wolsey was becoming less successful as on the political front Charles V had taken Italy while Francis I had grown tired of the war and sought peace. In this he abandoned Italy to Charles, and they agreed on a Treaty at Cambrai which Henry effectively ignored. As a result Wolsey`s grand plan for conservative reform and England holding the balance of power in Europe fell. Henry seized the initiative from an absent Wolsey and so the relationship between them worsened. He stopped listening to Wolsey and turned to other advisers and suggestions like of Crammer and
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