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Nathaniel Lee Professor P. Hiebert RWS 100-07 10 September 2014 Thompson Essay Clive Thompson, in his chapter excerpt “Public Thinking,” from the book Smarter Than You Think: How Technology Is Changing Our Minds For the Better published by Penguin Group, argues that the development of technology of mass communication improves the user’s writing and their ability to collaborate. To support his argument, he incorporates statistics to show the enormity of the production of writing, anecdotes to connect with the reader’s emotions, experiments to support the claim that people perform better in front of an audience, Stanford Study of Writing to support the claim that students are writing more than before and history to debate how the…show more content…
This is extremely relevant to the topic of the audience effect. This evidence is used to persuade us that the audience effect does exist for the better, just like when an author posts a blog for the entire world to view. Thompson used a survey of mathematicians about the question of multiples. He argues that with more communication, we can use better teamwork to discover solutions more efficiently. The respondents were asked if they did the same work as another person unknowingly. 31% agreed to this statement and noted that if they worked together, they think they would have completed the task more efficiently. I question its credibility because of the anonymity of the surveyors and the ambiguity of the methods. However, I find the opinions shared by the mathematicians very valuable because they are one of the best at what they do. I do find this evidence sufficient because professionals were interviewed. Thompson includes this survey because it clearly supports his claim. I find this extremely relevant to because it is about the topic of interconnections and can be strongly, positively correlated to the lack of communication before. Thompson uses anecdotes that are easily relatable and have a great expression of feelings. One of them is about the experiences of Ory Okolloh, a Kenyan law student studying in the United States, blogging about the tragic current events of her home
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