Thomson Reuters Checkpoint A Commercial Tax And Accounting Research Essay

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Thomson Reuters Checkpoint is a commercial tax and accounting research service to assist professionals. Checkpoint is designed to assist researchers with answers to a situation quickly by customizing their search options, integrated links, and time-saving tools. The main focus for Checkpoint is on tax accounting but the software also covers non-tax material like the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Tax research consists of many different forms of content, for instance there is editorial explanations, expert analysis, Internal Revenue Code, Revenue Rulings, and court cases to list a few examples. The Research Process The research process starts with locating the starting point by gathering numerous questions that need to be answered and identify the issues with the questions. These questions are just the start of your research, many different questions and issues will come along as you progress into the research. Research questions will be gradually refined to their final states and the issues are identified. Next step in the process is to access the tax information by conducting a search using one of the four ways to search. The first way to search is by using the keyword search which can be found by clicking on the Search tab towards the top of the page. Using the keyword search is the best way to search if you are looking for multiple sources. Depending on what information you are looking for, you can search for

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