Thor the Superhero

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A superhero is a person who possesses immense herculean strength and sorcerous abilities. Many superheroes can accomplish this, but there is one that can do this more exceptional than any other! This superhero is extremely important in Norse mythology as he is the God of Thunder. He was gifted with an enchanted hammer which can only be lifted by someone who is worthy enough. The hammer can control elements of storms like lightning, wind and thunder to help him vanquish his enemies. Did you ever question yourself who this amazing superhero could be? This splendid superhero’s name is Thor! Thor is the most supreme superhero of all time because he has super strength, his perceiving personality and his enchanted hammer called Mjolnir. Thor’s super powers play a major role when fighting villains to serve justice. Thor did not recognize his unbelievable superpowers right away, in fact, he did not realize that he was even Thor until later on in his life. He was first a psychiatric nurse called Thorlief Golmen. One day he suffered a nervous breakdown before his 30th birthday. During the 18 months he spent institutionalized, he claims to have realized who he was and why he has been sent to Earth. This is when he realized he was Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, to save the planet. After getting in many fights he figured out his most useful power was his magnificent strength. He is so remarkably strong that his strength level is officially rated at Class 100 in the

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