Thoreau Mental Illness

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“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves” by Henry David Thoreau An officer frustrated with law enforcement and how mental illness is currently regarded said, “If we always do what we have done, we’ll always get what we’ve got. In regard to community relation issues, agencies periodically should examine where they are, where they want to be, and how they will get there. This applies to all phases of law enforcement. Dealing with individuals in mental health crisis withstanding no exception”. “Twenty five percent of the people who are shot and killed by police are mentally ill. Mental illness has always taken a risk as a big challenge for those in law enforcement”, as referenced by an FBI article Crisis Intervention Teams: Responding to Mental Illness Crisis Calls. It is a painstaking decision to make when a police officer is going on a call to a victim who’s sorrowfully not taken his or her medication for some time and has become violent. These calls often result in the shooting of the person who suffers from mental illness. Police officials are working on changes to reduce the amount of tragic shootings…show more content…
“A mental disorder (mental illness) is a psychological pattern that is generally associated with a defect or disease of the individual’s mind. It causes a disability that may affect an individual’s behavior patterns in ways that are not part of one’s normal development or culture. Mental disorders are common in the United States. Within any given year, nearly 25 percent of adults and slightly over 20 percent of children are diagnosable for one or more mental disorders. While mental disorder appears to be widespread among the population, the main burden (or threat) emanates from about 6 percent of those who suffer from a debilitating mental illness.” (National Institute of Mental Health, 2011) One example of the police encountering a mentally ill person that ended in a fatal shooting is the following by
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