Thorn In The Shards: Skylar Starpenter Accident

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Thorn in the Shards
“Coming Luke. I’m bringing your Spitz sandwich,” Skylar Starpenter, a skinny and tall 8th grader, shouted. She rushed out of the huge Starpenter mansion, a grand home on the outskirts of Rptherglen, and raced to the blue Sami 2000, her loose blue shirt flailing in the wind and her legs sweating under her blue skinny jeans. Her purple ombre hair fell across her face as a cool zephyr blew across the lawn. She bounced down onto the shotgun and panted. Skylar was very punctual and picky. Everything had to be just perfect for her. Her big and square robot maid, QT, looked up at her as the limo raced up into the air steered by Luke Starpenter, a tall and sleek boy with chestnut colored hair. Luke was very smart and amiable eleventh
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Rptherglen cannot survive,” the holophone died from lack of power and shriveled up. The girls rushed home trying to avoid looking outside. The town was in ruins. Skylar reached home by taking the air bus. She burst into the house only finding a note by Luke stuck on the door. It said:
Orsen Ketner struck big time. The guitar center got hit by a missile. Luckily, it was the west wing and not the east. I escaped just in time. Don’t pack your stuff. Someone has to stay to make sure Rptherglen doesn’t die out. If that has to be me and you, then it shall. I have gone to recruit people who are willing to help. You go around the whole house looking for weapons. We need anything from outdated knives from the 2000’s to the mind stunners in the attic. The attic might sound spooky, but it isn’t that bad. Plus, be on the lookout for a button. It might be very
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:By the red robot. He’s kneeling down. Looks like that one was his favorite!: :I see him!: :Me too!: :Let’s progress forward.:
“Hey Orsen! Nah Nah Nah Boo Boo! You can’t catch us,” shouted someone from the army. Orsen looked over. The body Orsen was over wasn’t a robot, it was his son Marlin Ketner and he was covered in blood.
“Looks like one of your robots got your son, eh! Hope you programmed them right. You might not have the skills!” Shouted another voice from the crowd. Orsen picked up the nearest Mind Stealer and shot down a few people. The army picked up their weapons but robots came up from behind them and started aiming. People picked up their anti-hurt shields. Laser beams flew everywhere ricocheting off walls and shields. The people with super speed raced around trying to avoid being hit. Nicole, Skylar’s best friend, had the mind reading ability and slowly moved closer to Orsen and tried to read his mind. ‘And I’ll just escape with Marlin. I need to get out of here. These robots can handle these immature
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