Those Horrible Middle Ages !

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As indicated by the sarcastic title of her book “Those Terrible Middle Ages!” French historian Régine Pernoud addresses this commonly held misconception. She argues this time in history spanning approximately a thousand years as well as the image of the Church, have been irresponsibly represented. Her examination of this time period reveals that it is not the Church, but modernism that generates a return to the classical ideology of antiquity. These ancient pagan beliefs of the distant past are not as distant as we may think. They have resurfaced and are present in our own age. Pernoud begins by pointing out the failing of primary education in accurately teaching on the historical period culturally referred to as the “Middle Ages”. By classifying an entire millennium with the umbrella term “Middle Ages”, history is minimized and various important events are effectively overlooked. She argues that much of this oversight is perpetuated by the largely accepted, though historically inaccurate, phraseology surrounding the medieval period such as: “We aren’t in the dark ages anymore” or “That’s a medieval mentality” that is present throughout various expressions of culture. She gives the example of a broadcast that reported as historical the famous words: “Kill them all, God will recognize his own” at the time of the massacre at Béziers in 1209. However, nearly 100 years before this broadcast a historian proved, with much ease, that these words could not have been uttered because…
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