Those Poor Vs Me Rich

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Those Poor Vs Me Rich
I was the richer man that feel happy when he don’t have food to eat because water was always there where I go. Math was easy to solve and calculator was my hand/mouth. Education was not good but always think that education was better then those poor people who use calculator. It was better then those poor people’s education due to no computer but there was stick and ground where I can write anything and battery wasn’t down but water might wipe sometime. I was richer man then and now but live style has been change. Battery goes down on three or four day simple because I was richer to show the nature beauty with my fancy camera that cost cheaper but value is expansive. I am richer, may be more richer because I know what nature is for and what is the meaning of life.
It was a rainy day.. Rain was dropping into the ground from sky…. I was walking on the side of the road with no proper shoes but had simple camera and old map where I can find my way to my new home. I feel proud that I was unique, i 'm unique and will be unique. I can walk while others are driving.. I can’t drive, will not drive simply because I am not that poor because I am rich.. It sounds funny to say that I am rich, isn’t it? A man with bad shoes, simple camera and mobile and probably have some money to survive.. Money wasn’t a problem due to nature: water,air, crops and trees, but I was still rich… Sometime I ask myself why there are few rich people like me… The rainy days, walking into

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