Those That Founded The Constitution Intended For A President

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Those that founded the constitution intended for a president to be a man of impeccable prestige but not a man with and excessive amount of power. A great amount of people harbored a considerable amount of rear about if their chief executive became too powerful. Over the time of the Progressive Era, US citizens did not only shift their mindset and notion concerning what the national government should do, but also their views about how strong the president should be. The trident of the Progressive Era—Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson— collectively held office from 1901 and 1921. Though opposing in many ways, they all possessed a strong obligation to reform. They defied/challenged the economic and political power of monopolistic giants and strived…show more content…
Roosevelt believed that Taft would ensure reform in his program. That being said, two men were complete opposites. Roosevelt was outspoken and loved the limelight, whereas, Taft was quiet and reserved. Roosevelt took bold actions, Taft was cautious. In short, Taft was a apprehensive, lackluster campaigner. Yet, Roosevelt 's backing was the catalyst that truly caused him to obtain victory. As president, Taft sustained the movement for reform. He battled to bind the supremacy of big corporations and added land to the national forest system. That being said, Taft did not see eye to eye with other progressives. Progressives sought reduced tariffs on imported goods. The result of this would cause foreign products to be less expensive for American consumers. On top of that, lower tariffs would likewise cause a surge competition, forcing American manufacturers to lower their prices. All the leading businesses preferred high tariffs. Although Taft ran for president on a low-tariff platform, yet in 1909 he settled to sign the Payne-Aldrich Bill, which raised tariffs. This action tarnished Taft 's record as a progressive. The 1912 election also highlighted a few candidates. Woodrow Wilson, a man of firm progressive principles, represented the Democratic Party. Labor leader Eugene V. Debs, who ran as a socialist, sponsored more radical change, urging voters to make "the working class

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