Those who give up liberty for the sake of security deserve neither liberty nor security

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Those who give up liberty for the sake of security deserve neither liberty nor security

National Identification Card (NID) is not a new idea to the American Public or its politicians. The NID has been up and down the political stream as a means of fighting terrorism, welfare fraud, illegal immigration, crime, census “error”, and a vast variety of other so called crimes that you can think of. The NID once again rising up-stream after the terrible attack on the American soil as (again) the means to protect the American Public but is it capable of doing all it claims to or as a matter of facts it will make us more vulnerable to identity theft and more chaos?

Now with the public still shaken after the Sept-11 attack and spooked by a
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First business at hand, let’s first find out what would you need to get a national ID? A birth certificate, driver’s license, and proof of legal entry if you a foreigner. Well, the fact is that everyone can obtain such documents. Several of the men suspected of the Sept-11 attacks had forged identities. And the question now is that what would have prevented them from obtaining ID cards? Not to mention “our” domestic terrorists who are among us (but not one of us I hope) like Timothy McVeigh and John Walker Lindh.

Second business at hand is that what might be required or contained on a national ID card: Citizenship or Immigration status, home address, voter registration, record of felony/convictions, social security number, blood type, medical records, dental records, auto insurance information, employer, digital thumbprint, digital photograph, DNA profile, travel record, record of your phone bills, places you been through, and much more that you can think of that can be used to “keep track” of your life in order to “protect” you.

Just say that you can make national ID a voluntary system but “anyone who chose not to present a national ID card can submit to biometric scan on demand would be subject to invasive body searched at airports and extensive, humiliating, time-consuming questioning at checkpoints about his identity,
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