`` Thou Shalt Never Surprise? ``

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Intro: what colleagues have said, we are global etc, direct communication ##

Thou Shalt never surprise:
When it comes to major problems, whether it be in a company or global news, ideally, nothing should come as a surprise, but when your economy is being affected by another country or an external occurrence that is out of your control, it becomes increasingly difficult to predict problems. ##

Does “Black Monday” ring a bell to anyone?

On August 24th, the Chinese government depreciated their currency which cause major panic in stock markets across the world. Within minutes after the opening bell, the Dow plummeted 1,089 points. That is the largest point loss ever during a trading day, surpassing the Flash Crash of 2010.
Imagine you are one of the main trading companies in a dominant country such as the US. How are you supposed to react to this? Well, the US trading companies did the right thing. They were swift about conveying the news to the country, and to stockholders. The drastic decline in stock markets on August 24th was a major problem and which impacted everyone across the world.

Thou shalt never hide the facts:
Similar to internal communication, when delivering bad news that affects the world, only the facts should be stated. Assumptions should be left out as opinions can make situations worse, for example, by creating panic.

This is a tweet by: Lawrence H. Summers is a Charles W. Eliot who is a Professor and the President Emeritus at Harvard. Secretary
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