Thoughtful Questions and Answers on the Declaration of Independence for Government or U.S. History

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1. Jefferson wrote, "…That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…" Clearly describe three examples from any period of American History when Americans attempted to follow these words. One example of a time that Americans attempted to alter or change the U.S. Government was during the civil war. At this time, Southern (Confederate) states tried to withdraw from the union. Another example is how since the 1990s, Texas has had certain pleas to leave the nation and become the Republic of Texas. An even more recent example is members and candidates of the Tea Party. Ironically named after the Boston Tea Party of 1773, these…show more content…
You are NOT limited to the groups listed as examples. Do you agree or disagree with their viewpoints? Explain. You need to describe the groups and explain the abuses and usurpations that they object to fully. One group that I can think of off the top of head that definitely opposes American government is the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. Not only do they oppose American government but they really oppose all western countries’ governments. They are a radical group that believes that the entirety of all governments will collapse when the U.S. falls and they consequently believe that these governments need to be replaced and taken over by Al-Qaeda leaders of the Sunni Islamic beliefs. I believe that this is entirely severe and irrational. I do not think that all of their problems with the U.S. are accurate however America certainly is not perfect either. On a slightly less severe note, another group in today’s society that opposes U.S. government is militia men. They believe that government should be localized to individual counties and that these counties should be independent. They do not believe that they should be burdened to pay federal taxes or that they should have to register vehicles and any government duties that stray from local government. I do not believe that this is efficient for the current world that we live in. We can learn from history, in the times of the middle ages when Europeans lived in independent small kingdoms or tribes to more

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