Thoughtful Reasoning For The Ultimate Punishment

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Linda Chin
Mr. Hoague
AP Lit and Comp, Period 1
14 October 2015
Thoughtful Reasoning for the Ultimate Punishment
Only the most dangerous criminals in the world are faced with society’s ultimate penalty, or at least that is the theory. Capital punishment, commonly referred to as the Death Penalty has been debated for many decades regarding if such a method is ethical. While there are large amounts of supporters for the death penalty as a form of retribution, the process is avoidable financially as taxing for all parties involved. The financial expenses may be better off saved for life imprisonment with an emphasis in restorative justice for victims. Overall, there is unreasonable inefficiency with the capital punishment to justify the taking of another person’s life.
The death penalty process is often overlooked in the justice system and exhausts millions of dollars on trials and repeals. Unlike countries with speedy execution processes, the U.S. judicial system is known for having lengthy trials and judgement dates because of mandatory appeals. Richard C. Dieter, Executive Director of the Death Penalty Information Center, briefly describes the fundamentals of a death penalty case,“Every stage of a capital case is more time-consuming and expensive than in a typical criminal case. If the defendant is found guilty of a capital crime, an entire separate trial is required, with new witnesses and new evidence, in which the jury must decide whether the penalty should be…
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