Thoughts Of Aristotle And Plato

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Thoughts of Aristotle and Plato
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The three topics that are core themes of these two philosophers i.e. political philosophy, role of woman in society and in family and faith. Origin being similar, there are not so great variation in opinion of both philosophers.
Aristotle and Plato, both Greek philosophers, have a pioneering position in Western as well as Ancient philosophy. Plato, born 428/427 BCE Athens Greece-died 348/347 BCE Athens, was the teacher of Aristotle, 384-322 BCE. Plato, being the former of two, has pioneered Platonism. His main interests were rhetoric, art, literature, epistemology, justice, virtue, politics education, family and militarism. He is best known for his Theory of Forms, Platonic Idealism and Platonic Realism.
Aristotle was a pupil of Plato but there are no shadowing influences of Plato on Aristotle’s work. Aristotle’s era was ancient philosophy and region was Western philosophy like his teacher. His main interests are different as there is a balanced approach by Aristotle to natural sciences of biology, zoology and physics. In metaphysics, he worked in the fields of logics, ethics, rhetoric, music, poetry, theater, politics and government. His notable ideas include Golden mean, Aristotelian logic, Syllogism, Hexis, Hylomorphism and theory of soul.
Aristotle’s Political Thoughts
Politics has been resembled with medicine where a politician or a statesman practices his knowledge like that of a…

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