Thoughts on Being Humble

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What is the purpose of being humble, when should we be humble, and is being humble overrated?

Do people only dislike other people for being cocky because they doubt themselves?

Personally, I do not mind it much when people brag about what they have achieved or have done. More often than not, I know they never intentionally mean any harm by doing so. Why should I mind? They’re only excited about their life, right?

It is always easy to remain humble when everything is good and dandy, but the moment someone criticizes them, they tend to withdraw, especially if the person criticizing does so in a tone which may not be “soothing” enough.

I know people who swear on their lives they are humble, yet, they are not. They are so deep in
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We must strive to remember how to behave during tough situations.

In contrast, I can understand why it isn’t a good idea to be humble also. In other countries, people tend to be less direct, or more humble during business or discussions. America tends to be more direct, and if people who tend to be more direct are less understanding and less able to recognize one who is less direct during a conversation, we must remember that there is a potential that the humble person may be perceived as a weak individual, whether it be physically, mentally, or via business.

I propose we be humble, confident, and persistent. We can prove ourselves to ourselves by consistently making things happen by REMEMBERING to take positive action. Let us advance in life by remembering to remain humble during proper moments because it is those moments which shape our destiny.

Being humble is the same as having a student mentality, and it is much more difficult to learn when we lack a student mentality. We simply become less receptive to knowledge.

Also, you may want to keep in mind that cockiness and talking about what you want to do may cause people to resent you, and people often do not like to see cocky or arrogant individuals rise above levels which they themselves have yet to achieve. It is easier to rise above when we remain humble because people will like us better.

Another good reason to be humble is because we never know when the tables

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