Thoughts on Contemporary Theatre

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Contemporary Theatre explores challenges and experimental within the self, this type of theatre could be argued that, it could be defined as a non-traditional theatre as it breaks and pushes boundaries, breaks convention, addresses conceptual debates with aesthetic performances and where performances and audiences are not separated thus creating intimate moments. Contemporary theatre has a strong emphasis on the performer and the creativity aspect that arises in everyday circumstances; it creates passionate and vital material for theatre such as an issue or a problem, it creates and produces natural performances, no illusions, influenced by technology revolution, trends of society and human psychology and social order. Contemporary theatre integrates movement, images, heightened physical expressions, being the self, acting, music, text, dance, objects, costumes, sound, lighting, sets, and vocal into a performance that is complex and interactive for the audience and performer. This type of theatre addresses issues for an example, Anorexia Caroline Horton's Mess, from a modern-day perspective with palpable situations and people. Contemporary performances began in the 1880's with a man named Alfred Jarry and early Dada experiments, which this then developed into the American avant-garde and performance Art of the 1980s. In the 20th century a number of aesthetic movements emerged these being the ‘ism' such as Naturalism, Realism, Dadaism, Expressionism, and surrealism, Theatre
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