Thousand Cranes By Yasunari Kawabata

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When it comes to emotions, there is always a reason to why one experiences them. It can be happiness due to getting a favorite toy, jealousy at another’s position, hatred due to one’s actions, and so on. Even sub-categories are due to an experience bringing it forth. Such as suffering, one doesn’t suffer randomly, it happens because it was the effect of some cause. One of the biggest causes being unfulfilled desire; depending on the significance of the desire the greater the suffering. In the novel Thousand Cranes by Yasunari Kawabata there is this intricate web of suffering that occurs between the main characters, Kikuji, his father’s, his father’s mistresses and Fumiko. All as an outcome of unfulfilled desire. For Yasunari Kawabata,…show more content…
"Her Mother 's Lipstick," Fumiko 's gifts a second Shino bowl to Kukiji, in which the use of tea utensils, but there is an underlining connection between the two shino bowls and Kikuji’s father and Fumiko’s mother that link the two. The final scene in "Double Star” Kikujiki, searching for Fumiko, and running into the shade of Ueno Park. An ambiguous ending that gives no indication if Fumiko is alive or not. Suffering is seen between the protagonist’s father and his two mistresses. Kikuji’s father’s first mistress was Chikako, he had a relationship for a short time. Then, he eventually left Chikako for Mrs. Ota, to which he spent his last days with. The dismissal from his service caused a great amount of suffering for Chikako, for she believed that she abandoned due to the birthmark on her breast. Though she never showed outward disdain for the mark on her chest, Kikuji’s mother explains that any women with such a mark would be self-conscience. In addition, that dread would follow a woman, because she would constantly feel fear that her husband would be disgusted by it. Also, that if she were to have children they would be forced to suckle from that hideous mark, all this Chikako was aware of which is why she never married. However, as a prostitute she had some semblance of fulfillment, since she was able to complete that sexual desire. Yet, Kikuji’s father’s leaving her and choosing another concubine, especially, a woman without her defect caused
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