Thousand Cranes By Yasunari Kawabata

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When it comes to emotions, there is always a reason as to why one experiences them. Happiness can be due to getting a favorite toy, jealousy at another’s position, hatred due to one’s actions, and so on. Even sub-categories are due to an occurrence bringing it forth. For instance, suffering, one doesn’t suffer randomly, it happens because it was the effect of some cause. One of the biggest causes being unfulfilled desire; depending on the significance of the desire the greater the suffering. In the novel Thousand Cranes by Yasunari Kawabata there is this intricate web of suffering that takes place between the main characters, Kikuji, his father’s, Chikako, Mrs. Ota, and Fumiko. All as an outcome of unfulfilled desire.
For Yasunari Kawabata, suffering is a close friend to him. At the age of two he lost his father, and as the years went on he would eventually lose his mother, sister and grandparents; he would be alone by an early age. As the years went on he would loss his wife, child, best friend, and eventually, take his own life. Before his death, this repeated loss would create a fear of intimacy and would reflect in his novels, as stated in the article Kawabata, “Kawabata 's obsessive theme is loneliness and the impossibility of love. It is frequently said, no doubt correctly, that the facts of his childhood account for the sadness of his world...His heroes and heroines spend a great deal of time making love, and yet love does not come to them.” These theme of a fear of
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