Thousands Of Rappers Are Inspired By The Instant Fame And

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Thousands of rappers are inspired by the instant fame and wealth associated with “blowing up” and release songs constantly. With this, certain flows and cadences stick. So the best remains and the substandard slips into the abyss. This is similar with how the industry worked in 2007, but includes one key difference. Before, the sounds that popped were mostly cherry-picked by top music executives, now they are determined directly by the listener and by popular opinion. Granted, the two periods I am discussing both benefited from the fruits of the internet, but the current generation of hip-hop artists have just expanded on the foundation built by those who made music around the turn of the decade. It provides both challenges and value to…show more content…
iPhone applications such as spinrilla, a powerful mixtape app, allows artists to release their music to anyone that wants to listen. This has put more importance on fame than wealth as the model promises the wealth to be accrued after an artist has made it big. This is all was started in the previous era but was way too rugged and messy for it to stick. Now, quick access to music is hitting its stride and streaming services are quickly becoming the go-to in terms of music consumption. (Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 - YouTube) In the new wave of Hip-Hop, the producer is becoming more powerful than ever. Producer tags like the one above have become prevalent in the making of Trap Music. The song Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 thrust Metro Boomin’ into the limelight as his producer drop at the beginning of the song has been one of the most talked about aspects of the song. However, this type of hip-hop is not what Metro is known for. (It is worth noting that Metro Boomin’ was not the sole producer for this song, this however, illuminates the push into the mainstream that Trap Music is making.) Future - Mask Off (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube This song off of Future’s new self-titled album was produced by Metro and incorporates several different styles. That variability is valuable, but this also

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