Threaded Classroom Discussion

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Lesson Plan Title: Classroom Threaded Discussions Concept/Topic to Teach: Proper writing, behavior and idea exchanges in student groups Standards Addressed: 5th Grade - TC2(3-5) 2. Use various technology applications, including word processing and multimedia software. ELA2010(3) 38. Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing. Specific Objectives: The threaded discussion simulates traditional classroom discussion allowing students to post comments to a particular topic and respond to the comments of others. A threaded discussion, or thread, takes place asynchronously with each thread beginning with a topic identified by the instructor. The students in the class facilitate the actual discussion. Each student logs in and posts to the thread during class (or as part of a homework assignment). All responses are displayed according to the order of submission below the original topic. The goal is to involve the students in facilitating their own group dialogue through the use of technology. This project introduces word processing, proper writing mechanics, internet search functions and appropriate etiquette in online forums. Required Materials: Student Computers and a Teacher Computer Smart Board technology (Blackboard or similar online forum) Internet (usage varies depending on topic) Anticipatory Set (Lead-In): The lesson should begin with the instructor creating the initial online forum
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