Threat Analysis : Critical Infrastructure And Cybersecurity Attacks

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Critical Infrastructure & CyberSecurity Attacks: Discovering & Securing Endpoints with Visibility, Control & Automated Threat Response
It’s no secret that IoT, BYOD and mobile access have made these endpoints one of the most concerning network security gaps. As these devices continue to saturate the market, organizations are struggling to balance the productivity gains these devices deliver, against the security risks. There is no place where this risk is more pronounced than in organizations that are part of a nation’s critical infrastructure.
What is critical infrastructure?
When some people think of critical infrastructure, they think of government agencies, public
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With IoT devices that range from network printers to IoT security cameras, sensors and more, these devices are entering critical infrastructure organizations. The new amorphous network extends out to each endpoint, spurring increased demand for endpoint visibility and control solutions.
The value behind endpoint visibility, control and response
Visibility: Since it is impossible to protect the network from a threat you cannot see, visibility is a crucial first step in securing endpoint devices. Visibility also simplifies centralized management and ensures that if a device is compromised, it can be located quickly, even if the device is in a remote location. In addition, a complete visibility solution will record every action taken by every device, and deliver it along with any alerts, to provide contextual information that speeds time to remediation. Furthermore, it satisfies most regulatory requirements for comprehensive activity logs and aids in forensic research and network planning. Many organizations receive alerts of suspicious activities on a specific IP address, then spend hours trying to manually track down the suspect device and search for manually. Critical
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