Threat Assessment vs. Risk Assessment

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Threat assessment versus risk assessment The contemporary society is crowded with several issues that are considered dangerous to people and property or pause a danger to the society in general. Threat is considered anything that is seen to have the possibility of tampering with, interrupting or even destroying a given service or item of value within the society. Threat assessment is therefore defined as the approach that utilizes a number of well placed strategies or means to place in priority the seriousness of a threat suggested or pointed at and the possibility that it will be executed. Threat assessment must be carried out by a team of trained professionals in threat assessment. The assessment is then found useful in security planning as well as the relevant measures to be taken (James Bayne, 2002). Conceivable threats can be classified into the Human and the Non-Human threats. The human being the hackers, terrorism, theft, non-technical staff like the accounting manipulation, accidental, inadequately trained staff and technicians errors among others. The non-human threats are like the floods, lightning strikes, viruses, fire, electrical faults, dust and heat among other factors. Identified threats must then be put into context in relation to the business environment within which they exist or the society. The aspect of motivation must be looked into as different people have varying levels of motivation to execute some threat depending on the caliber and
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