Threats And Contrast Swot Analysis Of Flipkart

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• Flipkart can wander into online clothing and design business, where the gross margins are higher.
• Flipkart can offer its logistics services to its rivals in online retail area with its logistics arm E-kart. With online business part going to boom in the coming years, online exchanges are going to increase.

Thus, if Flipkart offers its logistics services to its rivals, it can pick up cash from those exchange.

• Flipkart is confronting a considerable measure of rivalry from some of the online retailers like Amazon, Snapdeal, Indiaplaza, Homeshop18 etc.


Business environment is the aggregate of all the external and internal factors that influence the activities and
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• Improving usage of broadband and high computer literacy.
• Advancement in mobile shopping.
• Increasing penetration rate of broadband and wireless internet.
• Better managed e-commerce site for ease, privacy and advancement in net banking.


• Flipkart has mostly been by word of mouth advertising.
• Customer satisfacion has been their best marketing medium.
• Flipkart very wisely used SEO (search engine optimization) and Google Ad-words as the marketing tools to have a far reach in the online world.
• also created an official facebook page to advertise its marketing that has upto 9 lakh ‘likes’.
• Flipkart recently launched a series of 3 ads with the tag line- ‘No kidding No worries’ which makes it attractive in the eyes of customers.

• Kids were used to create adverts to send out the message – if a kid can do it, you can also do it. Which also attracted a huge amount of clients.
• All in all to create a great customer experience.

All these strategies made flipkart No.2 retail website.

Its major competitor is amazon and flipkart is giving it a good competition in major products and

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