Threats And Vulnerabilities Of Itrust

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When discussing the threats and vulnerabilities of iTrust, it is important to identify the security measures to potentially rectify or prevent additional security issues. The iTrust database application presented quite a few threats and vulnerabilities. One threat discussed is the threat of a facility not having the proper equipment needed to run a secure organization. For proper security, an organization may need to invest in equipment or devices that are more secure out-of-the-box. This means that computers and/or devices that are straight out-of-the-box are deemed to be more secure in comparison to a computer/device that have been used.
In many cases, though the computer/device may have been swiped clean, it poses a much greater threat if the system was susceptible to certain vulnerabilities before. In addition, with these secure out-of-the-box systems it is important to verify proper installation. Organizations need to be sure that third-party vendors are completely authorized to assure the information that is being installed and updated is secure in the hands of vendors/suppliers.
Another issue that needs addressing when it comes to security is the configuration that is established in iTrust. The iTrust organization has an issue with user access. When discussing user access configuration, an organization may want to analyze possible configuration management. This would entail having a server administrator that would monitor the content in a repository. In this

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