Threats of Terror Essay

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Threats of Terror

This article analyses the intellectual, religious, national and moral processes through which a

democratic society has had to confront in its day-to-day routines under the ever-present

threat of terror. It discusses the effects of the terror over the character of Israeli society and

the critical debates in its system of education. As far as it can be ascertained through the

observations in this study, the general publics’ attitude could be defined as a mildly moral

realistic one: people think that terror and violence have objective foundations but certainly

embody some subjective human conventions and beliefs.

Is it possible in a democratic society to
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Would this be a successful way of providing a channel to filter students' responses while

allowing them to vent their feelings? If everyone in every society could be a target of terror,

are there any particular proficiencies or skills that would enable teachers to explain what had

happened and why? Should every teacher carry on with ‘business as usual’ thus seeking to

maintain normalcy and a sense of control by adhering to routine as the best manner of

addressing such a horrific reality?

Aspirations for a global society governed by everyone playing fairly by the rules, has

been one of the casualties of September 11th. The fall of the Berlin Wall brought with it hope

of establishing a new world order, founded on international law and paralleled by the spread

of institutions for international co-operation. However, in recent years a nightmare scenario

of growing world disorder and rising ethnic tensions has replaced the global dream of a

world governed by enlightened self-control by a community of peace-loving nations with a

world rife with the prospect of mega-terrorism and amplification of violence and bloodshed

as a frightening reality. Apparently the political goals at the beginning of 21st century

inflame new wars and terror, on the basis of traditional
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