Essay on Threats to Global Food Supplies

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The world’s population is increasing every year and one disadvantage of this phenomena is the shortage of food supply. There is not enough food available for the world’s population to feed on, because of a lot of serious problems going on. This can only be resolved until there is a reliable solution to solve the ongoing matter. Thus, this essay will look into these problems, and identify possible solution, find if there’s any disadvantage in these solutions.
In the next 40 years the world’s population is predicted to rise to 9 billion, that amount of people living on this planet would put a lot of strain on the agricultural sector, there would be more demand for food and water. According to (Ryan, 2010) Agricultural land loss is a growing problem in most countries and across the globe as our world population increases. One of the major problem affecting the global food supply is global warming. Most people do not know what global warming is and the effect it’s having on our planet. Global warming is the increase in the average temperatures on our planet. It is believed that natural events and human activities are a source of contribution to the increase in global warming and climate change. This is having a lot of impact on food production. As the layer gets compromised by pollutants known to destroy the ozone layer, plants we grow for food may not yield the quantity and quantity. Since global temperatures are increasing and ocean levels are rising, this is already…