Threats to an Effective Cybercrime Prevention Plan

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Those two dimensions are internal threats and external threats. Internal threats include internal negligence or incompetence as well as people on the inside including employees and contractors that have nefarious motives and intentions. External threats include "white hat" hackers, thieves and terrorists that just seek to disrupt vital systems like banks and utilities through their actions. Government agencies like the Department of the Defense are targets of both domestic hackers as well as foreign nation states and hackers that have some sort of grudge or motive against the United States.
Internal DoD Threats
Internal threats to the Department of Defense may sound far-fetched but there are a number of reasons why such threats are not beyond the pale and can absolutely happen. Some threats are innocuous and are common to any company. The Department of Defense would need to protect employees from themselves and install safeguards like encrypted computers, strong password requirements with frequent changes and idle timers for when users are inactive for too long. However, that is far from being the only internal threat.
Indeed, some internal employees or contractors can actually have intentional and malicious motives against the United States and/or the agency they work. A good example…
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