Three Ancient Religions

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Three of the earliest religions that still exist today are Judaism (Hebrews), Christianity (Christians), and Islam (Muslims). Each group has its own Holy book to read and recite and guide them in their faith. Hebrews have the Old Testament and the book of the prophets are called the Talmud and the Torah, books in which prophets (messengers sent by God) tell his people what to do. The Christians have the Bible, scriptures that consist of the Old and New Testament. The Muslims have the Quran. Every religion has its own list of rules that the followers are expected to obey. To continue their practices, the followers would not only read, but they would also pray.
All three groups have a prayer that includes fasting (religiously abstaining from types of
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They believe in the same God, just different names. The Hebrews’ God is named Jehovah who is a strong but loving God who commands absolute loyalty. The Christians’ God is named God who is believed to be the “father” of Jesus Christ, their lord and saviour. Lastly, the Muslims’ God is called the Aramaic word for “God”, Allah. At first, the Romans confronted the Hebrews about being monotheistic and forced them to convert to Paganism (a religious group that believes in more than one God), but then the Hebrews reminded the Romans about the Law of Nations and they backed off, out of respect since Hebrews were around for quite a while. Though, since Christians were new around those parts at the time, Romans often persecuted them. During the time of the Crusades (military campaigns led by the Catholic Church to cleanse areas of Holy land), Muslims faced a whole lot of persecution from the Christians. Although in the past, religions clashed and fought one another, it is starting to get less and less intense between groups as people finally find respect for others and realize that Hebrews, Christians, and Muslims aren’t very different after
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