Three Books Written by India's Author, Anand Neelakantan Essay

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Devayani - A divine demonic love story
Devayani is the only daughter of the Asura Guru Shukracharya and her father dotes on the motherless child. A spirited and sprightly girl, Devayani thinks that she is the most beautiful girl in the Asura kingdom. At eighteen, she is not short of suitors in her country. Asura civilization is at its peak and her father, Guru Shukracharya is the most important man in her country. He has discovered the secret to immortality with his tapasya and King Vruvpaksha will do anything the Guru asks for. In his quest for Maha Mrityunjaya Sanjeevini Mantra, the elixir of immortality, the Asura Guru has beaten his friend turned foe, Guru Brihaspathy, the teacher of Devas. With the secret mantra to wake up all the
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They kill Kacha in the forest and feed him to the wolves. Devayani begs her father to bring Kacha back. Risking the wrath of Asura King, Shukracharya brings Kacha back to life for the sake of his daughter. The entire country starts treating the father and daughter as pariahs, but Shukracharya would do anything for the sake of his beloved daughter.
Asura spies strike again. When there are only a few hours to go for Indra’s deadline to be over, Asuras kill Kacha, chop him into pieces and mix the pieces with the meat that is served to Shukracharya in the Royal Banquet. When Devayani knows about it, she begs her father to revive Kacha again.
Shukracharya is in a fix. If he revives Kacha, who is already in his stomach, he will be killed. He asks his daughter to choose whether she wants her father alive or Kacha. Devayani is shattered, but she chooses her lover over her father who had doted on her from childhood. A heartbroken Shukracharya says he will sacrifice his life and the trust an entire country had placed on him for the sake of his daughter’s happiness.
When Kacha starts coming out of Shukracharya’s stomach and as Shukracharya is dying, Devayani panics and asks Shukracharya to teach Kacha the mantra. She extracts a promise from Kacha that he would revive her father once he learns the secret. However,
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