Three Branches of the Texas Government Essays

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In my analysis of the Texas Constitution I will assess the three branches of our State Government, the Legislative Branch, Executive Branch and finally the Judicial Branch. Our State Government resembles our National Government in various ways but also in very different ways which we will review in this essay. I will identify a handful of criticisms and problems associated with the provisions in each of these branches of our State Government and identify suggested reforms that many feel are needed. Our Legislative Branch has two chambers or as some will call it bicameral. The chambers consist of the Senate and the House of Representatives just like the National Legislative Branch. In our Senate we currently have a total of 31…show more content…
Currently members of our legislative branch are only paid $7,200 per year with an additional personal allowance of $128.00 a day that they are in session. Many feel that his low pay opens the door to dependence on special interests who will entice a member to support a bill that they would normally not support. Others feel that the biggest criticism is how short the legislature session is. Currently when the members are in session it is only for 140 days every odd year unless they are called back in a special session. This limited time causes bills to get passed without properly being reviewed. There are many reforms that have been discussed one being to extend the term for members of the Texas Legislature. Many feel that if the Senate is extended to six years and the House of Representative to four years it will allow the members to obtain more experience in fields and be able to not have to worry about when the next election is as often. Many critics feel that the time members are in session are too short to make any real progress, reformers would like to increase the length of legislative sessions from the current 140 days. Others feel that increasing the sessions would allow for more laws and regulations. This will be an ongoing debate where there will always be two sides to the possibility of reform which will impact the possibility of it being passed. Now let us discuss the
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