Three Career In Nursing

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Three Career Research These are the three careers I will focus on; Human Resource Manager, Registered Nurse, and Dietitian. Each career will have a description of what they do, how they could become one, skills, salary, and more. Each career has a specific reason why I choose these three careers in particular. Reason why I choose Human Resource Manager is that I’m currently pursuing Human Resource Development major at Northeastern Illinois University. My second career choice is Registered Nurse because nursing was my first major straight out of high school. Dietician is my third career choice because I always had a passion to learn about eating healthy. First career researched I will focus on is Human Resource Manager. Human Resource…show more content…
Registered nurse coordinates patient care, education patients and the public about various conditions and provide advice and emotional support for patients and their family members. To become a registered nurse it requires an associate or bachelor’s degree. In all states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories, registered nurses must have a nursing license. To become licensed, nurses must graduate from an approved nursing program and pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). Skills needed to become a registered nurse is critical thinking skills, communication skills, compassion, detail oriented, emotional stability, organizational skills and physical stamina. It’s unique that nurses should be able to lift 35 pounds without assistance. According to, registered nurse has a salary of $67, 490 per year, which is $32.45 per hour. It mentioned in, nurses number of jobs in 2014 was 2,751,000 their job outlook is 16%, which is much faster than, average. According to, top highest demand place for nurses in the country is Luxembourg, which is a tiny country in Western Europe. In the United States it is found that registered nurse has the most opportunity in California. According to, nurses have the lowest opportunity in North Dakota. It mentioned on, 61% of nurse’s work in hospitals, state, local, and private industries. If a registered nurse were…show more content…
I was able to learn that I can become an HR by majoring in other fields such as finance and information technology. Realistically nurse and dietician wouldn’t work out for me due to the amount of science classes that needs to be taken. I know from experience I’m not able to be a nurse. I realize that dietician doesn’t have as much opportunity as nurses and Human Resource Managers. I have a lack in few skills (critical thinking skills, detail oriented, emotional stability) to become a nurse or dietician. I have all the necessary skills to become an HR such as decision-making skills, leadership skills, speaking skills, organizational skills, and interpersonal skills. Two of my career values are helping others and to influence others. I believe all the careers had a value of helping others and influencing others. Nurses help patients. Dietician helps clients to make informed food choices, about the foods they eat. My most important need is work life balance and stability. Work life balance is having a job that allows time for family and work. Stability is having a job that won’t change over a long period of time. This is important to me because I care spending time with my family and friends. I want stability because I value staying in one facility longer than moving around to other facilities. My values can satisfy my needs and I feel happy when I get an opportunity helping others. All three careers
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