Three Characteristics That Contribute To High Or Positive Self-Esteem Essay

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1. Describe four areas of self-esteem discussed in the text and provide an example of each. Social self-esteem Academic self- esteem Physical self-esteem Moral self-esteem. Social self-esteem is when you based some of your self worth on how social you are and how well you do with people, for example if someone is popular their self esteem maybe higher if they were not. Academic self-esteem when you based some of your self worth one how well you do in an academic setting, if a person gets straight “A”s on their reports card most likely will have a high academic self esteem. Physical self-esteem is your belief about how they look and how other perceive how they look for example someone who constantly gets complimented most likely has a high physical self esteem. Moral self-esteem is based on virtues and how good ,decent, moral, trustworthy you and other individuals are. A person who has trust worthy and well rounded friends will most likely have high moral self esteem because they can confide in their friends and they set a good example. 2. What are three characteristics that contribute to high or positive self-esteem? What are three characteristics that contribute to low or negative self-esteem? Three characteristics that contribute to high self-esteem are an ambitious attitude, are optimistic about life and choose friends and partners who also have high self-esteem and demand and earn respect from the people in their lives .Three characteristics that contribute to low self-esteem are unable to achieve goals, are pessimistic about life, and form unhealthy, destructive relationships with other people.

3. Describe how a person can have both high and low self-esteem. A person can feel confident and high self esteem in their math skills but have low self esteem when it comes to your social skills. This person would have both high and low self esteem and this is an example of having multidimensional self esteem. Multidimensional self esteem is having high self esteem in one area of your life and low self esteem in another.

4. Why is it important for a parent to create a strong bond with a child during the first two years of life? When there is bonding between a child they learn and
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